Florida Criminal Law Experts: the best criminal lawyers are specialists

People are often misled by lawyer “rating services”

All Florida Bar members are allowed to practice Florida criminal law, but only certified lawyers are specialists. Florida Criminal Law Experts only lists actual, real, specialists certified by the Florida Bar. The Florida Supreme Court and the Florida Bar established the official rating system back in 1982. Uncertified lawyers are never listed on Florida Criminal Law Experts. The only attorney rating used is the official rating system of the Florida Bar.

Most Florida criminal defense lawyers are NOT certified

Board Certification is extremely hard to get. Most criminal defense lawyers use other ratings instead of Board Certification because they are not certified specialists. These rating systems are not approved for specialization by the Florida Bar and the Florida Supreme Court. These other rating systems are not official in any way.

Uncertified Florida Lawyers Who Use the Words “Specialist” or “Expert” in Advertising get punished by the Bar

Uncertified lawyers may not advertise that they are a specialist. A specialist can use the title “BCS” (Board Certified Specialist). An uncertified lawyer would get into legal discipline trouble with the Bar for doing so. The same is true if the uncertified lawyer claims to be a “specialist”, an “expert”, or “board certified”.

Board Certified Experts are the REAL Florida Bar Specialists in Florida Criminal Law

There is no substitute for Board Certification. Just click this link and learn why Board Certification is the highest level of an attorney’s competency, skill, proficiency, and evaluation by the The Florida Bar. Want to know if a lawyer is certified? Just look for the symbol only certified lawyers can use:

Fla Bar flame 2

Florida Criminal Law Experts supports the Florida Bar’s

Specialization program for Criminal Law

Florida Criminal Law Experts is not a part of the Florida Bar. Florida Criminal Law Experts is part of the Florida Law Specialists family of websites, and only lists actual experts in Florida Law. No other attorney rating is used.