Baker County Certified Criminal Law Experts

Choosing a lawyer to defend your criminal charges can be confusing and stressful. Many lawyers may wrongfully advertise that they are “experts” in the field of criminal law when this is not actually true. In Florida, the only criminal law attorneys considered experts are those certified as such by the Florida Bar.

Though there are no Board Certified criminal defense attorneys currently working directly out of Baker County, there are numerous criminal law experts located in neighboring counties such as Duval and Nassau who can assist you with your Baker County case.

Requirements for Board Certification

Board certification by the Florida Bar as a criminal law expert has specific requirements to ensure that certified attorneys have adequate experience to be accurately categorized as “experts.” For example, a lawyer must had handled at least 20 trials resulting in a jury verdict, if which at least 15 involved serious felony charges. Therefore, when you choose a certified criminal expert, you can rest assured that your attorney has not simply plea bargained every case, but is experienced enough to mount an aggressive defense strategy at trial. A certified attorney must also demonstrate a dedication to criminal law, including new developments in the law through continuing education, and must be recommended by peers in the legal community.

Possible Penalties in a Florida criminal case

The penalties of a criminal charge in Florida can range as widely as the types of offenses themselves. However, almost every charge can involve penalties that may have a significant effect on your life. Such penalties may include:

Why do you need a criminal defense attorney?

Too many people attempt to handle criminal cases on their own and, more often than not, these defendants end up facing substantially more severe penalties than they would have with quality representation. Every criminal case is different, with its own mitigating circumstances, legal defenses, potential consequences, and more. Whether you are facing charges of a DUI2 or a violent felony, an experienced criminal defense attorney can assist you in numerous ways that can lessen or even eliminate the penalties that you will face.