Bradford County Certified Criminal Law Experts

Many people who have been charged with a criminal offense do not know how to proceed or where to turn for help. Because you always want to make sure you retain the services of an experienced and qualified attorney, you should always ensure that you consult with a lawyer who has been Board Certified as a criminal law expert by the Florida Bar.

Though the Florida Bar has not certified any criminal law experts who work directly out of Bradford County, there are numerous Board Certified criminal experts working out of neighboring Alachua and Clay Counties.

Qualifications of a criminal law expert in Florida

Though many attorneys may consider themselves to be “experts,” only the individuals certified by the Florida Bar may ethically advertise as such. A lawyer must meet specific requirements1 in order to receive expert certification, including but not limited to the following:

  • Demonstrate extensive criminal law knowledge by passing a written exam
  • Show that they have sufficiently continued their education in new criminal trial law developments
  • Have at least five years of law practice experience with at least 30 percent of their practice committed to criminal cases in the past three years
  • Extensive trial experience, including at least 20 criminal trials that resulted in a jury verdict

How a criminal case can affect your life

While the effects of a criminal case can vary widely, any type of conviction will result in legal penalties.2 For example, a conviction for a speeding ticket will result in a fine and points on your driver’s license, which can ultimately lead to suspension of your driving privileges. Convictions for felony offenses often result in time in prison or at least on probation, which can limit your freedom and also involve substantial costs. It is always in your best interest to avoid any type of criminal conviction whenever possible.

Expert attorneys know how to defend criminal charges

Whether you are facing a traffic-related offense or allegations of a violent crime, a Board Certified criminal law expert will know how to approach your defense. Every case is different and it is important that your attorney understands how to build a defense strategy appropriate for your particular case. You can trust that a Florida board certified criminal attorney will have experience in a wide variety of cases and will skillfully evaluate your specific case.