Brevard County Certified Criminal Law Experts

If you have been charged with a crime, you may not know where to begin when it comes to selecting a qualified and reliable criminal defense attorney. While some lawyers may try to claim they are “experts” in the field of criminal law, the only true criminal law experts in the state of Florida are those who have received board certification from the Florida Bar. The following attorneys are the Board Certified criminal law experts in Brevard County:

  • Gary David Beatty
  • Robert Ralph Berry
  • Reed Cole Cary
  • Ernest L. Chang
  • Joseph Nicholas D’Achille, Jr.
  • Alan Samuel Diamond
  • Ronald Lee Ecker II
  • Gregory Warren Eisenmenger
  • Kepler Brooke Funk
  • Geoffrey Golub
  • Robin Calfee Lemonidis
  • Partrick Arnold Lepore
  • Richard A. Manzo
  • Joe M. Mitchell, Jr.
  • Randall Moore
  • Brian Neal Onek
  • Angela Meriah Park
  • Kurt A. Russell
  • David Edward Silverman
  • Howard Marc Swerbilow
  • Keith F. Szachacz

What makes these attorneys qualified experts?

When certifying the criminal law experts within the state%