Broward County Certified Criminal Law Experts

Choosing an attorney is an extremely important decision when you are facing criminal charges. Whether you have received a traffic ticket or have been accused of a violent felony, you want to ensure that you have the best representation possible. The following attorneys are the Florida Board Certified criminal law experts in Broward County:

  • Ralph Steven Behr
  • Carol Jolene Breece
  • Roger Cabrera
  • Andrew Mattew Coffey
  • Michael B. Cohen
  • Matthew Isaac Destry
  • Timothy Lee Donnelly
  • Roseanne Eckert
  • Martin Samuel Fein
  • Jonathan S. Friedman
  • Jeffrey Mark Harris
  • Carter T. Hillstrom
  • Gary Kollin
  • Abraham Laeser
  • Greg McNeill Lauer
  • Anthony Loe
  • Robert David Malove
  • Hilliard Ennis Moldof
  • Frank Negron
  • Christopher William Pole
  • Lisa M. Porter
  • Steven Raisman
  • Steve Rossi
  • Ramona Leigh Tolley
  • Michael David Weinstein
  • Gerard Shelton Williams
  • Teresa Elizabeth Wilson
  • Deric Zacca

What determines criminal law “expertise” in Florida?

Only the attorneys certified as such by the Florida Bar Association1 are considered to be experts in the field of criminal law. When you choose a Board Certified criminal law expert, you can rest assured that your attorney has extensive criminal law experience (including trial experience), stays educated regarding new developments in criminal law, is respected in the area of criminal law by legal peers, and can demonstrate substantial criminal legal knowledge by passing a written test.

Potential penalties of criminal charges

Every type of criminal conviction2 means that you will face some type of legal penalties. These penalties can range from a fine to years in prison, depending on the severity of your charge, your criminal history, the circumstances surrounding your specific case, and much more. A Board Certified criminal law expert will know how to evaluate your particular case in order to limit the consequences you face as much as possible.

The importance of a qualified defense attorney

The Florida criminal justice system can be very complicated and can involve many different players, including law enforcement officer, prosecutors, judges, and more. An experienced Board Certified criminal law expert will know how to navigate the judicial process to ensure that your rights are protected and that you receive the most favorable outcome possible in your case.