Calhoun County Certified Criminal Law Experts

Facing any type of criminal charge can be intimidating and stressful due to the complexities of the criminal justice system and the potentially harsh consequences you may face. For these reasons, you always want to make sure you have an experienced criminal lawyer on your side to guide you through the process and provide you with a quality defense. The Florida Bar provides significant assistance in choosing an attorney by certifying certain qualified individuals as criminal law “experts.” By consulting with a Board Certified expert, you know that your attorney has extensive experience and knowledge in the area of criminal law in Florida.

Though no attorneys currently working directly out of Calhoun County have received expert certification, you may look to neighboring areas such as Bay County and Jackson County to select a Board Certified criminal law expert.

Qualifications of a certified criminal law expert

The Florida Bar Association has specific requirements if an attorney wishes to be considered for expert certification. The attorney must demonstrate at least five years of active law practice, with a substantial percentage of casework dedicated to criminal law. Lawyers must have attended at least 45 hours of courses in recent years regarding new developments in Florida criminal law and must have represented clients in at least 20 criminal jury trials, at least 15 of whom were facing felony charges. Finally, an attorney must pass a peer review and written examination specifically regarding criminal law in the state of Florida.

Common criminal cases in Florida

Criminal charges may range from a minor infraction to a severe penalty, though every defendant should always have the representation of a qualified criminal defense attorney. Some examples of criminal cases in Florida involve the following:

·         Traffic tickets·         DUI·         Theft offenses

·         Assaults1

·         Sex offenses·         Trespass or burglary·         White collar crimes2

·         Homicides

The assistance of a qualified attorney is imperative

The consequences of criminal charges can range from fines to probation to years in prison. No matter what potential penalties you face, however, an attorney can always assist in making sure that you receive the most favorable results possible. With the help of a Board Certified criminal law expert, the consequences you face can be significantly limited or even eliminated entirely.