Columbia County Certified Criminal Law Experts

The Florida Bar provides individuals within the state seeking legal assistance with a helpful tool via its board certification program.1 The program is the highest level of evaluation for an attorney’s skill and experience in their focused practice area. For example, if a criminal defense attorney meets certain requirements, he or she may receive certification as a criminal law expert. Board certified lawyers are the only lawyers in Florida who can ethically refer to themselves as “experts” in criminal law.

Columbia County List of Criminal Law Experts

There are currently no certified criminal law experts working out of Columbia County. However, many certified criminal law experts in other counties handle cases throughout the state of Florida and will be able to assist you with your criminal case.

You can rely on a Florida criminal law expert

You can trust that a board certified criminal law expert in Florida will provide the highest quality of legal service due to the specific criteria an attorney must meet to be certified. For example, an attorney must do the following:

  • Have an active law license in Florida for at least five years
  • Dedicate 30 percent or more of their practice to criminal law
  • Represent clients in at least 20 criminal trials
  • Stay up to date on criminal law developments through legal education classes
  • Pass a written exam on criminal matters
  • Have a positive peer review

Criminal cases can be serious

Any criminal offense, from a speeding ticket to a violent crime, can carry serious penalties. A criminal law expert who understands the Florida justice system will know how to achieve the best possible results in your case and minimize the penalties you face as much as possible. This could involve plea bargaining to avoid points on your license,2 representing you at a criminal trial, and much more.

Call a criminal law expert to discuss your case today

You should always have an experienced attorney protecting your rights and advocating for you in every type of criminal matter. If you have been arrested or charged with an offense, contact a board certified criminal law expert for assistance.