Criminal Law Specialists Duval County, FL

The following lawyers are members of the Florida Bar and board certified specialists in criminal law in Duval County, Florida:

  • Shawn Alan Arnold
  • Oliver David Barksdale
  • Philip Alan Bavington
  • Angela B. Corey
  • Henry Matson Coxe III
  • Charles William Lammers
  • Jeremy Durward Lasnetski
  • Sheila Ann Loizos
  • Donald B. Mairs
  • Adair Christine Newman
  • Mark Joseph Rosenblum
  • Jonathan David Sacks
  • Richard A. Selinger
  • William J. Sheppard
  • Stephen Wayne Siegel
  • Mitchell Adam Stone
  • Robert Stuart Willis

As you can see, there are a large number of criminal law specialists for your criminal defense in Duval County (Jacksonville area) along Florida’s east coast. Each of these experts are masters of criminal law, the very best of the best. Look no further for Florida’s top criminal defense lawyers. Each attorney on this page has been through rigorous legal education at the advanced level, extremely difficult certification testing, official Bar trial case review by a panel of certified criminal law experts, and have proven trial experience.

Whether your case is a misdemeanor or a felony, with officially certified specialists, you don’t have to wonder if they are good at what they do or whether they can help you: these masters of criminal defense have the best chance of helping you. Rest easier knowing that no matter how stress your case is causing you, these experts know what they are doing.

While this list of specialists is large compared to many other counties, don’t let the size of the list intimidate you: if you were on some website using self manufactured “lawyer ratings”, you would face a list many times this size. Worse, many of the defense attorneys listed would not be criminal law specialists yet they might have the highest unofficial rating the “lawyer rating” service offers.

Florida Criminal Law Experts does not list uncertified lawyers for any reason. Only actual, real, certified specialists are allowed to be listed for your consideration. With Florida Criminal Law Experts, you don’t have to guess or wonder if the criminal defense lawyers specialize in criminal law: you know with a certainty that each lawyer you consider is a member of a small group of experts who are real specialists, regardless of the smoke and mirrors used by imitators. A lawyer can’t buy or advertise their way to the official top rating of the Florida Bar.