Criminal Law Specialists – Escambia County, FL

The following members of the Florida Bar are board certified specialists in criminal law in Escambia County, Florida:

  • Barry William Beroset
  • John Craig Beroset
  • Maureen Duignan
  • Russell Graham Edgar, Jr.
  • Ronald Wayne Johnson
  • Gene Edward Mitchell
  • Michael Ryan Rollo

One of the specialists on this list is from Office of the State Attorney and only handles prosecution, not defense. Assistant State Attorney Russell Graham Edgar, Jr., has been a specialist for many years. He prosecutes cases in all four counties of the First Judicial Circuit (Escambia, Santa Rosa, Okaloosa and Walton Counties).

Most criminal law specialists are not in public service, but in private practice. Each of the other experts listed can help defend you or your loved ones when you need help the most. Each lawyer on this list has been through the Florida Bar’s extremely difficult Board Certification process and are officially designated as specialists – experts – in criminal law.

Don’t be fooled by advertising based “rating systems” that are not the official rating system of the Florida Bar. An attorney is either a specialist in criminal law or they are not. The Florida Bar’s rating system is very simple and was designed with consumer protection in mind: a lawyer is either a member of the Bar and allowed to practice law, or they are a certified lawyer in one of twenty-four (24) specific areas of law and a specialist. There is no way to puff up a lawyer’s rating with the Florida Bar and no lawyer can game the system with anonymous (and potentially fake) “client satisfaction” reviews. Instead, legal experts have been required to work extremely hard to become real specialists.

So, if you are serious about hiring a criminal defense lawyer, here is your list of real experts. Florida Criminal Law Experts limits the attorney list to actual specialists in criminal trial and criminal appellate law. You don’t to guess or search through thousands of profiles since every criminal law specialist in Florida is listed here for you.