Criminal Law Specialists – Flagler County

The following members of the Florida Bar are board certified specialists in criminal law in Flagler County, Florida:

  • Dawn Melissa Moore

Instead of searching through thousands of lawyers to find an actual, Bar certified specialist in Flagler County, Florida Criminal Law Experts has already done that for you.

If you would like greater selection, you can consider a criminal law specialist from a neighboring county. Remember, no defense attorney can promise a particular result: this is actually prohibited by the Disciplinary Rules of the Florida Bar. However, either way, you can sleep at night knowing that the defense lawyer you have selected is an actual expert certified by the Florida Bar.

Whether your case is a felony or a misdemeanor, a defense lawyer who is an expert in criminal law gives you the highest degree of likelihood of legal success in any courtroom in Florida. The best criminal defense lawyers are part of a very exclusive club. Specialists in this area of law are the top 1% of all criminal defense lawyers in Florida. Over 100,000 lawyers, less than 1% are criminal law specialists.

If the list of specialists in Flagler and other counties may seem short, the list is short because specialization is hard. Many uncertified lawyers may have years of experience but cannot pass the criminal law certification exams and/or lack trial experience. Uncertified defense lawyers would rather you use larger social media sites to gloss over the fact they are not specialists.

Social media “attorney rating” sites often use a variety of misleading factors to “adjust’ an uncertified lawyer’s “rating”. These include, but are not limited to, unverified, anonymous, and potentially fake “client reviews” which can be gamed to inflate a lawyer’s perceived qualifications and experience. Testimonials – even fake ones – are extremely persuasive. Florida Criminal Law Experts never uses misleading “client testimonials” because they cannot be verified and are too easily manipulated to puff up lawyer qualifications. The Florida Bar’s Board of Legal Education and Specialization has a verified and official review process far superior to unofficial, imitation “lawyer ratings”. Only the top criminal defense lawyers in Florida are able to become criminal law specialists.