Local Criminal Law Specialists - Okaloosa County, FL

The following members of the Florida Bar are board certified specialists in criminal law in Okaloosa County, Florida:

Stephen G. Cobb, BCS (Criminal Trial)

Cities in Okaloosa County include Crestview (CV), Destin, Fort Walton Beach (FWB), Laurel Hill, Mary Esther, Niceville and Valparaiso. There are also numerous unincorporated areas such as Baker, Eglin Air Force Base and Cinco Bayou.

Despite the absence of certified specialists in criminal law, there are numerous uncertified criminal defense and DUI lawyers. Most local uncertified lawyers in this jurisdiction (the First Judicial Circuit) do not limit their practice to criminal law.

Additionally, there is one reported “DUI mill” offering “affordable” representation through “easy payment plans” in Okaloosa County. This is always a sign of an uncertified attorney handling too many cases. DUI mills, and all other assorted “legal factories” should be avoided by consumers since they do not provide the level of case attention needed.

Certified lawyers in criminal defense law routinely require a full fee to be paid up front. Flat fees are a tremendous value for consumers because the legal cost is certain, the certified specialist is focused on the case rather than payment, and cases are never continued to ensure payment plans are fulfilled.

Finally, since Okaloosa County has two separate courthouses, it is important to remember that the location of the arrest determines where the case is going to be handled. All cases originating south of the Shoal River Bridge (just south of the Crestview city limits) are handled in the Fort Walton Beach courthouse on Lewis Turner Blvd. Cases arising north of the Shoal River Bridge are handled in the Crestview courthouse on Highway 90.

Each courthouse divides criminal cases into one of three (3) categories: Felonies, non-traffic misdemeanors and Criminal Traffic offenses. A few days after the arrest, the case will show up in the Clerk of Court website and you find it by simply doing a public court records search.

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