Alachua County Certified Criminal Law Experts

Facing criminal charges is something you should never try to do alone. However, having an unqualified attorney can be just as risky. Fortunately, the Florida Bar is helpful in choosing a quality attorney by certifying the most qualified criminal defense attorneys within the state. The following are the Florida Board Certified Criminal Law Experts in Alachua County:

  • James Matthew Colaw
  • William Richard Ezzell
  • Dean R. Galigani
  • Bennett Asbury Hutson
  • Robert Anthony Rush
  • Margaret Mitchem Stack
  • Francis Todd Williams
  • Nick G. Zissimopulos

What does it mean to be a Florida Board Certified Criminal Expert?

The Florida Bar certifies criminal law experts based on completely objective criteria. Therefore, you can be certain that an attorney did not “buy” certification in any way. In order to be board certified,  an attorney must show that he or she has at least five years actively practicing law and that a substantial part of his or her practice is dedicated specifically to criminal law. Furthermore, certification requires significant trial experience so, if you decide not to plead guilty, you can be confident your attorney knows how to defend you in a Florida criminal trial. Certified attorneys must also be approved by their peers and pass a written criminal law examination, among other requirements.1

Criminal cases can be complicated

Criminal cases can range from the relatively minor—such as a speeding ticket—to a very serious violent offense like murder.2 However, every offense comes with potential penalties and even the most seemingly minor criminal cases can have unexpected complications and consequences.  For this reason, it is imperative that you have a lawyer on your side who has a thorough understanding of how the criminal justice system in Alachua County works.

How a Florida criminal law expert can help you

A Board Certified criminal law expert in Alachua County can help you with your case in a number of ways. Aside from representing you in court, an attorney can communicate on your behalf with law enforcement, prosecutors, and judges, as well as fight to limit the consequences you face as much as possible. If you are facing criminal charges in Alachua County, a Board Certified criminal law expert can help you.