The Best Criminal Law Experts Practice Criminal Defense Law Exclusively

“Grandpa’s law firm” served criminal defense clients in a different era. Law firms would practice several areas of law, such as family, personal injury, business law, estate planning and more recently, foreclosure.

The best specialists practice criminal defense exclusively.

The Best Criminal Defense Lawyers Are Certified by The Florida Bar

One of the most important positions on your criminal defense team is Lead Counsel – the most experienced lawyer with the highest level of skill. Your Lead Counsel should be a Florida Bar Board Certified Specialist rather than an uncertified lawyer.

Florida Criminal Law Experts helps you find the best defense lawyers

Grandpa’s Law Firm would use in-house associates on every case. Florida Criminal Law Experts designs customized teams to fit your needs. After all, it’s your case: in a time when more and more people are being thrown into jail and prison – even when they have no prior record or the crime appears to minor – you need the very best legal defense.

Whether you want to go to trial or settle your case with a favorable plea bargain, only the best criminal defense lawyers can deliver the best results.

Featured Expert, Stephen G. Cobb: