Florida Criminal Defense Resource Links

Florida criminal law can be a complicated matter, even for seemingly minor offenses. Criminal law as a whole often implicates statutory law, court rules, case law, and both state and federal constitutional law. It should come as no surprise, then, that many attorneys spend their entire careers focused on the study and practice of criminal law. Because of the potentially serious legal consequences that people accused of crimes in Florida may face, it is highly advisable for them to retain the services of an experienced criminal law attorney. Fortunately for consumers, Florida is one of several states that allows attorneys to become board certified in certain areas of law, making it easier to identify lawyers who have chosen to specialize in a specific area. Board certification is the highest level of evaluation of lawyers, and only seven percent of eligible lawyers in the state are board certified in any specialization.

Criminal Law Information

Florida Statues Online An online copy of the Florida statutes, including the section on criminal law.

Wikipedia Entry on Criminal Law General information about criminal law and issues that often arise in criminal cases.

Legal Information Institute Information on Criminal Law A helpful guide regarding criminal law generally published in conjunction with the Cornell University School of Law

Rules of Criminal Procedure The court rules that govern Florida criminal proceedings.

Legal Organizations and Advocacy Groups

Florida State University Criminal Practice Clinic Florida State University’s program that provides free legal assistance to indigent clients facing allegations of criminal misconduct.

The Florida BarThe Florida bar is the state organization that is responsible for the regulation of attorneys and the legal profession. At its website, you can find information regarding the minimum qualifications required to become an attorney in the state as well as access a database with a listing of all licensed lawyers in the state.

The American Bar Association – The ABA is a nationwide organization that consists of lawyers and law students with nearly 400,000 members. On the website, visitors can find information regarding new developments in the law, articles regarding the regulation of the legal profession, as well as valuable resource links.

The Florida Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers FACDL is a statewide organization that engages in charitable, educational, and scientific pursuits in the context of advancing the practice of criminal defense in Florida.

Government Links to Legal Resources

The Florida Legislature The official website of the Florida legislature. Has links to the House, Senate, state publications, and the Florida Constitution, among others.

The United States Department of Justice The website for the U.S. DOJ, the federal agency responsible for enforcing the laws and administering justice.