The #1 mistake people make after the Arrest

When lawyer advertising was first allowed by the Florida Bar, the public was confused by advertisements which overstated attorney qualifications. In 1982 the Florida Supreme Court established legal specialization to help consumers identify specialists in different areas of law. Criminal law is one of twenty-four (24) areas of legal specialization recognized by the Florida Supreme Court and regulated by the Florida Bar.

Legal specialization is known as Board Certification. Lawyers who are actual, recognized experts are known as Board Certified Specialists. In criminal law, lawyers who wish to become specialists have to go through extremely rigorous testing over two full days, have actual trial experience (as opposed to just entering pleas of guilty or no contest) and each trial is then picked apart by legal experts in order to determine the candidates actual ability.

Fake lawyer rating services are common

Fake rating services providing “attorney reviews” do not require trial experience, testing or expert review of the uncertified lawyer’s legal work. They are not the official Florida Bar rating and lawyers who use these website rating services may not claim they are experts, specialists or use the Board Certification logo unless they have been certified by the Florida Bar.

Instead, fake rating services rely on easy to rig “peer reviews” and “clients satisfaction” reviews. Common rigging methods include fake testimonials posing as client reviews, and cutting deals with other lawyers in different practice areas to puff up each lawyer’s ratings on the fake ratings review site. As one specialist put it: “A big, fat advertising fee inflates a lawyer’s rating and hides the professional failure to do the work needed to get certified.”

99%+ of Florida lawyers are not certified specialists in criminal law

Less than 1% of all lawyers in Florida are specialists in criminal law. Uncertified members of the Florida Bar are allowed to practice criminal law, even if they are unsupervised by a specialist. Specialization is so difficult to achieve that many counties do not even have a criminal law expert in the entire county, even though many local uncertified lawyers practice criminal law.

Why are so few lawyers actual specialists?

Board certification is extremely hard to obtain. Uncertified lawyers avoid certification because:

  • The two day certification exam is exceptional difficult. It is much harder than the Bar Exam taken to be admitted to practice law. Almost 90% of applicants who take the Florida Bar Exam pass, yet the certification exam is so difficult that almost 90% of the lawyers who took the most recent criminal law specialization exam in 2014, failed.

  • Lack of trial experience. Setting a case for trial is not the same as actually trying the case before a jury. Setting without trying isn’t even considered is not even a factor considered by the Bar when it comes to certification.

  • Having every move dissected by a panel of experts after a trial is a serious matter. The tiniest mistake – even if it did not affect the outcome – is noted, and may prevent certification.

  • Serious and complex criminal trials are mandatory. Prosecutor’s know which lawyer have trial experience with major felony trial cases. This obviously affects plea bargaining.

  • Fake rating services do not require this level of commitment to excellence. Several actually teach lawyers how to game the system because they make a profit selling advertising on the “lawyer ratings” website. Social media popularity contests are easy to game, great for uncertified lawyers, but terribly misleading for consumers.

Unlike fake rating services, the Florida Bar’s official certification is not a social media popularity contest to be used and abused by uncertified lawyers to the consumer’s detriment. However, the Florida Bar is not a lawyer marketing company. The Bar is the official regulatory agency for all Florida lawyers. This is part of the reason most consumers are fooled by fake ratings and fake rating services.

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