What To Do Next

Five Things to do Now

  1. Do not talk to the police and give them any information about what happened until you have spoken to a criminal law expert: a lawyer who is a certified expert in Florida criminal law.
  2. Jail phone calls are recorded, and if a case actually goes to trial, the recordings are reviewed and have been used as evidence. Don’t let jurors be misled by giving the government anything that can be taken the wrong way!
  3. Hire legal counsel immediately and be prepared to pay the legal fee. The best lawyers in Florida are going to want their legal fee paid up front.
  4. Avoid uncertified lawyers offering payment plans that seem to be too good to be true. Your lawyer needs to focused on your case, not taking on extra cases to make up the lost revenue. Extra cases that mean less time for you.
  5. Hire legal counsel quickly. Problems do not get better over time, and legal problems can get much worse: early intervention can make or break many cases.

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The best criminal defense lawyers in Florida are certified by The Florida Bar.